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Nestlé Research & Development Center

Werner Bauer - Chief Technology Officer, Head of Innovation SETTING THE DIRECTION:
Werner Bauer
Chief Technology Officer, Head of Innovation

Research and Development ("R&D") is a key competitive advantage for Nestlé. Without our R&D, Nestlé could not have become the food industry leader in nutrition, health and wellness.


With 23 research, development and technology facilities worldwide, Nestlé has the largest R&D network of any food company. Nestlé’s research, development and technology network, together with local market application groups, employs over 3,900 people.

Nestlé further strengthens its R&D capability through innovation partnerships at each stage of the product development process – from early stage collaborations with start-up and biotech companies to late stage partnerships with its key suppliers.


By bringing together all of its global R&D resources, Nestlé is able to provide high quality of foods for consumers worldwide – whether this is in terms of nutrition, health, wellness, taste, texture or convenience. And food safety is non-negotiable.


R&D is also critical in ensuring regulatory compliance of all Nestlé products. Nestlé is able to launch new products quickly and efficiently in the markets, in countries all over the world, by integrating regulatory affairs in all its R&D activities, from start to finish.


Nestlé scientists also play an important part in communicating the health and wellness benefits of products to consumers. Nestlé nutritionists world-wide work to ensure that all nutrition communication, both on and off pack, is locally relevant, as well as scientifically sound.


Beyond sound nutrition, the future of foods will increasingly be driven by science. Nestlé scientists are looking ahead to the foods of the future. Nestlé R&D is translating nutrition and food science in two ways:

  • Put consumer needs as research priorities.
  • Combining emerging science into consumer benefits and services.
  • The vision of Nestlé R&D is long term. Take a glimpse of how Nestlé R&D is helping to shape the future of foods through these internet pages.

    Werner Bauer

    Werner Bauer
    Chief Technology Officer, Nestlé S.A.
    Innovation, Technology and Research & Development