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NESTLÉ® NAN® PRO 3 Formula Milk Powder


Growing Up Formula, suitable for babies from 12 to under 36 months old

(Some of the below information is only available in Chinese.)

NESTLÉ® NAN® PRO formula milk powder has pHF-W partially hydrolyzed whey protein, Human Milk Oligosaccharides HM-O, DHA**, ARA and probiotic to enable children to grow healthily and happily.




◊ 2’- O-Fucosyllactose (a type of HMO, not sourced from breastmilk), 25 mg per 100 mL of prepared formula.
**NESTLÉ® NAN® PRO 3 formula milk powder contains 4.4 mg of DHA, 4.4 mg of ARA, 571 mg of linoleic acid and 68 mg of α-linolenic acid per 100 mL of prepared formula.

Important Notice: Breastfeeding is best for babies. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended exclusive breast feeding for the first 6 months, along with the introduction of complementary foods as advised by healthcare professionals at around 6 months of age. Nestlé fully support this and continued breastfeeding up to 2 years or beyond. NESTLÉ® NAN® PRO 3 formula milk powder is not a breast milk substitute, and is growing-up milk powder especially suited to healthy young children from 1 to under 3 years old.