NUTREN® Junior Nutritional supplement


NUTREN® Junior Nutritional supplement

NUTREN® Junior Nutritional supplement is specially formulated for children of age from 1-10 years. It's nutritionally balanced formula helps provide nutrients to children who cannot consume adequate nutrients from food. Moreover, NUTREN® Junior contains a unique combination of 3 key elements to support the growth and development of children.


Product features:

  • Probiotics B. Longum and L. Paracasei helps promote gut health
  • PREBIO 1™ Plus helps support the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut
  • 50% whey protein1 which is easy to be digested and absorbed.
  • Two glasses per day will provide a variety of multivitamins and minerals, that can support children immunity2.
  • Easy to prepare with delicious taste
  • Made in Switzerland

Lay a healthy foundation for your children, have a nutritious start with NESTLÉ® NUTREN®Junior.

Ref: 1. Each 100 g of protein provides 50 g of whey protein 2. Supplemented with a balanced diet and the right amount of exercise