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Nestlé’s Plant-Based Journey

Nestlé is committed to support sustainability. As a signatory of the UN 'Business Ambition for 1.5°C' pledge, Nestlé is one of the first companies to share its detailed, time-bound Net Zero Roadmap in December 2020 and to do so ahead of schedule. As one of the key actions in the Roadmap to support sustainability and help tackle climate change, Nestlé is transforming its product portfolio by continuously expanding its offering of low-carbon plant-based food and beverages and is reformulating products to make them more environmentally friendly.

Nestlé Plant-Based Products Portfolio

Since 2019, Nestlé has started to introduce different kinds of plant-based products such as burgers, sausages, nuggets and mince gradually across Europe, Oceania and Asia. Nestlé has set up various plant-based production sites all over the world, with two located in Asia - China and Malaysia.

Globally, Nestlé has around 300 R&D scientists, engineers, and product developers dedicated to the research and development of plant-based products. To adapt the products to Asian consumer needs, the company leverages its R&D centers in Singapore, China, etc..

Nestlé Hong Kong’s Plant-Based Products

In Hong Kong, people are also looking to vary their diets with more plant-based options, including to lower their environmental footprint and for nutrition or health considerations. As a Good food, Good life company, Nestlé Hong Kong is continuing to make good on our promise to offer consumers products that are good for them and for the planet.

Below is just the beginning of our growing plant-based portfolio in the Hong Kong market. We will continue to introduce more diversified plant-based products to the market.

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