2020 – Nestlé Hong Kong Cheered Up Healthcare Workers During the Pandemic

2020 was a unprecedented year where our society has to face health challenges.

In order to express our support to healthcare workers, Nestlé Hong Kong has been donating various products to healthcare organizations across the year, including over 33,000 cans of coffee to six public hospitals under the Hospital Authority to encourage the healthcare workers and hospital staff. We are happy to receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the Hospital Authority in expression of their thankfulness for our support.

Our donated products to healthcare organizations also included  NESCAFÉ® coffee, NESTLÉ® MILO® Breakfast Cereal Bar, NESTLÉ® yoghurt products, as well as the newly launched PAK FOOK® JOY GREEN™ Lite Sugar Black Soya Bean Drink and No Added Sugar Soya Drink. We wish to empower  healthcare workers with our nutritious, energetic and delicious products.