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2019 – Nestlé x St. James’ Settlement FOOD-CO Healthy Chef Competition

Nestlé is dedicated to providing Nutrition, Health and Wellness to the community. Because of this, Nestlé Hong Kong partnered with NGO partner to organize Nestlé x St. James’ Settlement FOOD-CO Healthy Chef Competition 2019 in July and August 2019.

The preliminary part of the competition is recipe design. Colleagues from Nestlé Hong Kong and the teams from our NGO partner were asked to design a nutritious and creative original recipe, and then set a name for the dish and briefly explain their design concept. In the final round, the group being selected in the preliminary stage joined the "Ultimate Healthy God of Chef Competition" and to cook their creative cuisine on the spot.

There were a total of five teams in the competition and the winning dish was “Fish Fillet with Tomatoes, Pumpkins, Pak Fook Bean Curd and Cloud Ear Fungus”.

The winning dish was arranged to be tasted by colleagues in the staff restaurant at our Yuen Long factory.  It was also offered later in September at the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration for all volunteering colleagues, elderlies and under-privileged families to enjoy and received quite a lot of positive feedback.