New Kiwi Yoghurt Stick of DREYER’S® REAL DELIGHT™

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New Kiwi Yoghurt Stick of DREYER’S® REAL DELIGHT™
With 94 kcal, No Burden Let’s Embark on a Light and Amazing Journey


【18 Aug, 2021 - Hong Kong】 Want to enjoy ice cream sticks in the summer, but worry about calorie intake after indulgence? Following the launch of strawberry, blueberry, and mango passion fruit flavours, another new member - DREYER’S® REAL DELIGHT™ Kiwi Yoghurt Stick has joined the Series of DREYER’S® REAL DELIGHT™ Yoghurt Stick this August. The mix of freshly sweet and sour tastes make you who pursue the quality of life and health, have another “Real Free" choice this summer!

Kiwi is very popular for its sweet and slightly sour freshness. It is also rich in vitamin C content. The brand new DREYER’S® REAL DELIGHT™ Kiwi Yoghurt Stick is not only added with slightly acidic kiwi purée, but the outer layer is also made of real French yoghurt, bringing you double taste buds enjoyment. A bite of refreshingly sweet and sour kiwi flavour, blended with smoothly yoghurt, the real materials relieve the sweltering feeling of summer. DREYER’S® REAL DELIGHT™ Kiwi Yoghurt Stick is not added with preservatives and artificial colours with only 94 kcal per serving, allowing you to taste this summer’s fruity deliciousness without burden, and embark on an amazing journey in summer!

DREYER’S® REAL DELIGHT™ Kiwi Yoghurt Stick
DREYER’S® REAL DELIGHT™ Kiwi Yoghurt Stick
Multipack – 4 Pieces
Suggested Retail Price: HK$ 15.9(Impulse);HK$ 52.9(Multipack – 4 pieces)
Launch Date: Impulse – 18 Aug 2021; Multipack – 20 Aug 2021
Point of Sales: Impulse – Convenience stores; Multipack – Supermarkets
Nestlé Customer Service: 2179 8888
*The product and final price are subject to respective retailers.
*Nestlé Hong Kong Ltd. reserves the rights for final decision.

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DREYER'S® REAL DELIGHT™ Yoghurt Stick series is designed for you who have a pursuit of life; while you advocate a healthy life, it offers you palatable high-quality yoghurt sticks. The whole series is made of real materials with heart, no preservatives and artificial colours added which brings you a brand new "really free" enjoyment! DREYER'S® REAL DELIGHT™ is definitely your best choice for worry-free summer indulgence.

For more brand information, please visit Dreyer’s Hong Kong Facebook:
Nestlé Customer Service: 2179 8888

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