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A Sweet Unveiling: NESTLÉ®DRUMSTICK® Strawberry & Sakura Flavour Cone

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A Sweet Unveiling: NESTLÉ®DRUMSTICK® Strawberry & Sakura Flavour Cone
Let the Sweetness of Sakura Bloom in the Loving Season
Let’s DRUMSTICK® Together! DRUMSTICK® to Love!


[16 February, 2022 – Hong Kong]Savoring the sweetness of youth with no regrets while stepping into the loving season, February. NESTLÉ has launched a brand-new DRUMSTICK® Strawberry & Sakura Flavour Cone especially for the heartfelt days with multiple sensations. The new flavour of NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK® transforms sakura into an ice cream cone, allowing you to enjoy the sweet and sour tastes of blooming strawberries, capture incredible cool moments and let the sweetness of sakura bloom.

The brand-new NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK® Strawberry & Sakura Flavour Cone has the dreamiest packaging which makes you fall in love by just taking a look at it. Once tearing off the wrapping sleeve, the pinkish crunchy cone greets you with a youthful vibe. The sweetness taste of springtime leads you to the moment when you encounter your crush for the first time. A selfie is definitely what you should do! Sakura-flavoured chocolate pieces are sprinkling on the cones like sakura petals blowing in the wind. The topping is full of sakura flavoured chocolate which gives you a subtle touch of sweet and smooth ice cream. NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK® Strawberry & Sakura Flavour Cone is filled with twisted strawberry and vanilla flavour ice cream. The sweet and sour taste is perfectly matched with the sakura-flavoured chocolate pieces and creates an unexpected delight! The double flavour makes DRUMSTICK® Together. Stick together with your lover and be brave to say “I LOVE YOU” with NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK® Strawberry & Sakura Flavour Cone in hand. Enjoy this loving season and just do whatever you wish such as getting an unforgettable relationship. Let’s DRUMSTICK® To Love!

In addition to single pack, there is also multi-pack available to let everyone enjoy the heart-stirring taste anywhere in this romantic month!

drumstick drumstick
Suggested Retail Price : HK$ 22/2(Impulse);HK$ 39.9(Multipack – 4 pieces)
Launch Date : 16 February, 2022
Point of Sales : Convenience stores and supermarkets
Nestlé Customer Service : 2179 8888
*The product and final price are subject to respective retailers.
*Nestlé Hong Kong Ltd. reserves the rights for final decision.

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