Nutrition, Health and Wellness

Meeting the needs of the consumer while pursuing excellence and health

Nestlé is committed to promoting food nutrition and health. We have our own nutritional analysis system to analyze and improve the nutritional value of Nestlé products. To this end, Nestlé’s key products must pass the “60/40+ test”.To ensure that our products are preferred by consumers, Nestlé conducts blind taste tests on locally-developed products including ice cream and cheese, against those of prominent competitors in the market. Only the products which can achieve the preference of at least 60% of the consumer panel can pass the test. The "60/40+ test" enables Nestlé to continuously pursue innovation and improvement in food production, and the "+" refers to our expectation that on top of good taste, our products can provide consumers with additional nutritional value, including nutrient enhancement and reduction of added sugar, saturated fat, trans fat and sodium content. In terms of children's nutrition, Nestlé has its own policies and standards for children's products, aiming to provide children with basic nutrition and help children achieve a balanced diet.

Provide customers with clearer food nutrition information

Clear food nutrition information enables customers to fully understand their nutritional intake and make healthier diet plans. In order to enable consumers to grasp clearer food nutrition information, "Guideline Daily Amounts" is marked on the front of the packaging of Nestlé products. Through our food nutrition label, consumers can understand the nutritional values and percentages of the daily intakes of nutrients provided in a reference portion of our Nestle products, providing customers with a simple reference.

Care for the community through public education

Promoting a healthy diet in the community is one of the most important tasks of Nestlé. We have been writing a number of column articles related to the diet and health of the general public in different social media and newspapers. At the same time, we have also visited schools to explain the knowledge of healthy diet to school children, and promote Nestlé's mission of "Nutrition, Health and Wellness" to the community.