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2020-2021 - Nestlé x Hong Chi “Type 5 PP Plastic Recycling Campaign”

In order to promote clean recycling of Type 5 Polypropylene (“PP”) plastic, Nestlé Hong Kong and Hong Chi Association have joint forces to implement a “Type 5 PP Plastic Recycling Campaign” in the community since 2020. Not only did the pilot campaign receive encouraging recycling results, but it also upcycled the collected Type 5 PP plastic to turn waste into resources!

The “Type 5 PP Plastic Recycling Pilot Campaign”, which is the first recycling campaign in the community focusing only on Type 5 PP plastic, has been launched in Yuen Long since August 2020, hoping to help complement the existing community recycling network that focuses more on Type 1 Polyethylene Terephthalate (“PET”) and Type 2 High-Density Polyethylene (“HDPE”) plastics.

With over 30 recycling points to facilitate citizens to recycle different Type 5 PP plastic used in their daily life, such as various food packaging and containers. Meanwhile, the pilot campaign organized recycling days in residences to uplift the residents’ environmental awareness. As of 30 June 2021, the pilot campaign recycled around 900KG of Type 5 PP plastic, whose weight is equivalent to over 22,500 takeaway meal boxes. This is an encouraging result that doubled the expected level!

In addition to recycling, the pilot campaign also explored different possibilities of upcycling the collected plastic into other household items. Eventually, those collected plastic was upcycled into 3,500 pieces of eco-friendly hangers, by which the waste was converted into resources and a circular life cycle for the plastic was enabled. eco-friendly hangers were also leveraged to motivate more general public to join the recycling.

In view of the wide support received for the pilot campaign, Nestlé Hong Kong and Hong Chi Association has expanded the recycling network to Kowloon and Hong Kong Island districts since July 2021 to reach over 50 recycling points in toal, and organized more public education activities, in order to strengthen the recycling power for a new page in plastic recycling in the community.

Participating Residences and Public Premises of Hong Chi x Nestlé “Type 5 PP Plastic Recycling Campaign” (by Alphabetical Order)

  • Beauty Court
  • Central Park Towers
  • Chestwood Court
  • Coral Garden
  • Curio Court
  • Dynasty Court
  • eResidence
  • Evergreen Place
  • Florient Rise
  • Grand Del Sol
  • Grand YoHo
  • Green Crest
  • Hong Kong Plaza
  • Hong Shui Court
  • HKFYG Organic Farm
  • Imperial Villas Phase 2
  • Island Garden
  • Jasper Court
  • La Grove
  • Le Sommet
  • Lynwood Court
  • Meadowlands
  • Mount Beacon
  • Nan Fung Sun Chuen
  • Nan Fung Tower
  • One Hyde Park
  • Park Central
  • Park Hillcrest
  • Park Signature
  • Pokfulam Gardens
  • Rhythm Garden
  • Riva
  • Royal Palms
  • San Po Kong Plaza
  • Seasons Monarch)
  • Seasons Palace
  • Sereno Verde
  • Starcrest
  • Sun Yuen Long Centre
  • The Latitude
  • The Parcville
  • Uptown
  • Time Square
  • Twin Regency
  • Victoria Harbour
  • Villa Premiere
  • Wang Fu Court
  • Wonderland Villas
  • Yoho Midtown
  • Yuen Long Landmark
  • Yuen Long Plaza
  • 80 Robinson Road