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Hong Kong,
Nov 22, 2011


多謝大家對雀巢瑞士寶兒奶粉的支持,基於商業決定,此產品已停止在香港發售。雀巢公司另有金裝能恩3和雀巢即溶奶粉,將繼續為一歲或以上的小朋友提供優質且全面的營養。如有興趣使用或訂購,歡迎致電雀巢營養服務 2179-8333。

Thanks for your support of NESTLÉ EXCEL Growing Up Milk Powder. With our business decision, we stopped selling this product in Hong Kong. NESTLÉ continues to offer other quality and nutritionally balanced formula. NAN HA 3 and NESPRAY Full Cream Milk Powder, for 1 year old kids or above. If you are interested and would like to place order, please feel free to contact Nestlé Nutrition Services at 2179-8333.



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