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NESTLÉ® DAIRY FARM® brand pledges to produce quality and fresh milk every day in Hong Kong. We have no added preservatives which can provide freshness, tasty and healthy dairy products for you and your families. NESTLÉ® DAIRY FARM® products are directly delivered by a professional logistic team to your adjacent points of sales every day. Temperature is strictly monitored during delivery process which can ensure product quality and safety.

*雀巢公司於1866年成立。/ *Nestlé was established in 1866. 

150 years*of heritage for quality assurance
Freshly made in Hong Kong every day


Fresh Milk

  • 奶味香濃 口感幼滑
    Rich and smooth 
  • 優質牛奶 提供均衡營養  
    Quality milk provides balanced nutrition


High-Calcium Low Fat Milk Drink

  • 1杯補充每日56%鈣質所需,有助建立強健骨骼及牙齒的健康
    1 cup provides 56% of recommended daily Calcium intake which helps to build strong bone and healthy teeth
  • 低脂肪,脂肪含量低至每100毫升1.4克
    Low fat content (as low as 1.4 g of fat per 100 mL)
  • 優質牛奶蛋白質 ,有助身體組織生長、復元
    High quality milk protein helps body tissue growth and recovery


Skimmed High-Calcium Milk Drink

  • 0%脂肪,配合均衡飲食和適當運動,健美體態由此起
    Contain 0% fat, healthy body start from balanced diet and appropriate exercise
  • 含有膳食纖維,一杯提供15%每日所需膳食纖維#,有助腸道健康
    Contains dietary fibre, 1 cup provides 15% of recommended dietary fibre daily intake# which aids digestive health
  • 高鈣質,鈣質有助建立強健骨骼及牙齒的健康
    High Calcium level which helps to build strong bone and healthy teeth

    #1 cup in 236 mL. With a balanced diet and appropriate exercises