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雀巢茶品® 絲滑™ 奶茶


雀巢茶品® 絲滑™ 奶茶


雀巢茶品® 絲滑™ 奶茶,一個字「滑」!以嚴選紅茶葉,配搭濃滑牛奶,根據完美比例調製而成。入口先感受到絲般順滑口感,再覆蓋整個味蕾,並非一般奶茶可以媲美,一飲隨時令人上癮!
NESTEA® Milk Tea uses tea leaves of high quality standards, blending with a golden ratio of full-bodied milk. The smooth texture of the NESTEA® Milk Tea will stun you with a rich aroma, and will cover your senses with a silky after taste, which will always serve your peaceful day as a perfect topping.  

Pack Type: 250mL