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營養健康相關問題Nutrition & Health FAQs


To find answers to some of your most frequently asked questions on nutrition, click on the links below.

Q: How to find out about allergens in your product?

答:為了幫助您可以找到適合的產品,我們的產品會根據公司的內部指引及香港法例於配料後列出致敏物。即使產品可能含微量致敏物,我們亦會在配料後提示〝可能含有微量[致敏物] 〞。
A: To help you make informed choices, allergens present in Nestlé products are labelled after the ingredient list according to Hong Kong legislation and company internal guidance. Even if present in traces amount, we will also prompt〝 may contain traces of [allergen] 〞 after the ingredient list.

Q: What is black specks in milk powder?

答:在沖調奶粉的過程當中發現小黑點是屬正常現象。奶粉因在加熱過程中小量的乳糖及蛋白質有機會變為黑色。 這些小黑點不會影響我們產品的營養價值及健康。
A: Black specks occasionally found while preparing your milk drink is a normal phenomenon because the heating process of milk powder may turn small amount of lactose and protein black. These black specks will not affect health and nutritional value of our products.

Q: Which yoghurt is best for my intestinal health?

A: We recommend NESTLÉ® ACTI-V® Low Fat Yoghurt products as each cup or bottle is fortified with 1 billion FORTIS® Bifidobacterium which helps to improve gut health and movement.

Q: Is NESTLÉ® CARNATION® Phytosterol Milk Powder suitable for the whole family?

答: 雀巢®三花®雙效降醇素™奶粉是高鈣、同時添加了維他命、礦物質、奧美加脂肪酸(每100克奶粉含2克奧美加6及340毫克奧美加3脂肪酸)及植物固醇。了解更多資料,請致電雀巢消費者服務21798888或瀏覽
A: NESTLÉ® CARNATION® Phytosterol Milk Powder is high calcium, fortified with vitamins, minerals, omega essential fatty acid (Contains 2 g Omega 6 and 340 mg Omega 3 fatty acid per 100 g milk powder) and phytosterol. Please visit or call Nestlé Consumer Services 21798888 for more information.。

Q: What method do you use to remove the caffeine of NESCAFÉ® Decaffeinated Coffee?

A: A water decaffeination process is used in the production of TASTER’S CHOICE® & NESCAFÉ® Gold Decaffeinated Coffee.

Q: Which Nestlé product is suitable for diabetics?

答:由於糖尿病人士的情況和需要不一樣,所以我們沒有特定的產品供糖尿病人士飲用。 我們建議您向您的醫護人員諮詢哪一款產品最適合您。
A: As the conditions and needs of diabetics vary, we do not have specific products for them. We recommend you consult health professional for the best Nestlé products which is suitable to you.

Q: Is your Fresh Milk real milk?

答:是的, 我們的鮮奶是在香港製造。我們收集牛奶後會經巴氏消毒和均質處理,入盒後會冷卻、繼而儲存及運送。
A: Yes, our fresh milk is made in Hong Kong and the milk collected from cow is pasteurized and homogenized. It is then ready for storage and transportation after being filled and chilled.

Q: Can I use hot water to prepare milk?

A: We advise to use lukewarm water as hot water will cause milk powder to become lumpy and affect the vitamins in milk powder.