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產品相關問題Product Related FAQs


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Q: How can I store NESTLÉ® CARNATION®Evaporated Milk after opening?

A: Please store NESTLÉ® CARNATION® Evaporated Milk in a glass or plastic bottle after opening and close tightly. It should be refrigerated and used up in 5 days.

Q: What age group can take NESTLÉ® NESPRAY®Milk Powder?

答: 雀巢®即溶奶粉適合兒童4歲以上兒童飲用。
A: NESTLÉ® NESPRAY® Milk Powder is designed for children above 4 years old.

Q: Where is the manufacturing country of NESTLÉ® product?

答:所有雀巢產品在包裝上都會有清楚的生產地點資料。查詢請聯絡雀巢消費者服務 .
A: All NESTLɮ products have clear information on manufacturing country on packaging. For inquiries, please contact NESTLɮConsumer Services through

Q: How can I distinguish the authenticity of NESTLɮproduct?

答: 所有雀巢®產品都會在標籤上清晰地標明此日期前最佳/此日期或之前食用。另外我們的包裝上亦印有查詢電話(雀巢消費者服務21798888,雀巢®營養服務21798333, NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto 21798999或雀巢保健營養82029876)。
A: All Nestlé products have clear labelling information including Best Before or Use By Date. Also our packagings carry our telephone number for consumer inquiry (NESTLÉ Consumer Services 21798888, NESTLÉ Nutrition Services 21798333, NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto 21798999 or NESTLÉ® Health Science 82029876)

Q: What is the meaning of 1+2 and 3 in 1 NESCAFÉ® Coffee Mix?

答:1+2 代表產品內已包含了植脂末及糖的即溶咖啡。三合一則代表即溶咖啡、糖及植脂末。
A: 1+2 means soluble coffee with coffee creamer and sugar. 3 in 1 means all 3 ingredients (soluble coffee, coffee creamer and sugar) are also ready.

Q: Is NESTLÉ® COFFEE-MATE® Coffee Creamer a dairy product?

答:雀巢®咖啡伴侶®植脂末並不是乳製品。 它能令咖啡的口感變得香滑。
A: NESTLÉ® COFFEE-MAT® Coffee Creamer is a non dairy product. It adds to the smoothness and creamy taste of your coffee.

Q: Is the price different between different points of sale?

答:不同的銷售點或會有不同的價格。產品包裝上有標明查詢電話 (雀巢®消費者服務21798888,雀巢®營養服務21798333, NESCAFÉ ®Dolce Gusto 21798999或雀巢®保健營養82029876),消費者可放心。
A: Different points of sale may have different price. NESTLÉ products will carry our telephone number for consumer inquiry (NESTLÉ Consumer Services 21798888, NESTLÉ
Nutrition Services 21798333, NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto 21798999 or NESTLÉ Health Science 82029876) on our packaging. Consumer can be assured.

Q: Should NESTLE® EAGLE® Condensed Milk be kept in fridge after opening?

A: Please store NESTLÉ® EAGLE® Condensed Milk in a glass or plastic bottles after opening and close tightly. It should be refrigerated and used up in 5 days.

Q: Why is NESTLÉ® EAGLE® Condensed Milk yellowish?

答: 雀巢®鷹嘜®煉奶顏色變黃是完全屬正常現象,顏色的產生是由於產品在室溫儲存時吸熱有關。
A: The yellow color for NESTLÉ® EAGLE® Condensed Milk is absolutely normal phenomenon and this colour is due to heat absorbed by the product during room temperature storage.

Q: Please tell me how to prepare a cup of milk.

答:雀巢®產品在包裝上的標籤已標明正確的沖調方法。請在杯中加入適量暖開水,然後加入建議的奶粉份量並用匙勺攪拌約一分鐘至溶解,即可飲用。 請避免將沸水加入奶粉,因這樣會令奶粉結塊。
A: NESTLÉ ®products have clear preparation instruction on packaging. Please prepare lukewarm water in a cup and add the numbers of scoop recommended. Stir well with a spoon for about one minute until dissolve and serve. Please avoid adding boiling water to milk powder which causes milk lumpy.

Q: Can I warm up my milk or soya milk in original pack?

A: You can warm up the milk or soya milk with the pack open and heat up in medium heat for about 1 minute.

Q: Why does your Plain Yoghurt taste sour and settle?

答: 我們的原味乳酪475克是健康低脂的乳酪。 這產品與含果肉的幼滑、攪拌乳酪不同。 這原味乳酪的酸味和凝固狀態是與益菌產生的乳酸有關。
A: Our Plain Yoghurt 475 g is a healthy low fat yoghurt. This product is different from our smooth fruit & stirred yoghurt. This Plain Yoghurt is settle and the sour taste comes from lactic acid of Probiotics.

Q: Is PAK FOOK®Beancurd for steaming ready to eat?

答:可以。 百福®蒸煮滑豆腐及煎炸滑豆腐是可以即食的,而且是作涼拌或菜式的好選擇。 食譜可參閱 .
A: Yes, PAK FOOK® Beancurd for steaming and frying are ready to eat and commonly used in cold dish & recipes. For recipes, please visit

Q: What is the white flakes in NESCAFÉ® Ready To Drink Coffee?

答:由於儲存過程中溫度的變化,咖啡飲料表面上會出現牛奶結塊。 飲用前先搖勻則可避免。
A: This is milk floating on top of the coffee drink due to temperature variation during storage. This can be avoided by shaking the coffee drink well before opening the can.

Q: Where is your dairy products and beancurd made ?

A: Our dairy and beancurd products are freshly made in Hong Kong.