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To find answers to some of your most frequently asked questions on products, click on the links below.

Q: Where can I find NESTLɮproducts in HK?

答:一般情況下,閣下可在超級市場、連鎖便利店、藥房及連鎖藥房內選購到雀巢®公司的產品。 如欲了解更多資料,煩請參閱 .
A: Generally, NESTLÉ®products are sold in local convenient stores, supermarkets, drugstores and chained drugstores. If you need more information, please visit 。

Q: Where can I find specialty formula for infant and children?

答:雀巢®能恩®AL 110® 無乳糖配方奶粉可在萬寧及屈臣氏的藥劑部內找到或通過雀巢營養服務訂購。雀巢®藹兒舒®低敏配方可透過我們的分銷商嘉里醫藥訂購22113789。 
A: NESTLÉ® NAN® AL 110® Lactose-free Infant Formula can be found in Mannings and Watson’s pharmacies or ordered via Nestlé Nutrition Services. NESTLÉ® ALFARÉ®Hypoallergenic Infant Formula can be ordered via our distributor Kerry Logistics 22113789.

Q: Where can I find formula for special diet need?

答:煩請瀏覽 。如需訂購,可致電嘉里醫藥 22113789。
A: Please visit .For ordering, please call Kerry Logistics 22113789. 

問: 可以解釋一下包裝上的營養資料嗎?
Q: Can you explain nutrition information on packaging?

答:煩請參閱 .
A: Please visit 。

Q: I live in HK, can I order oversea NESTLɮproducts from NESTLɮHong Kong Ltd. ?

A: Unfortunately, many oversea NESTLÉ®products are not available for sale in HK. Consumer tastes can vary greatly from country to country and hence the Nestlé product range will also vary.

Q: How can I order NESCAFÉ® Can Coffee?

答:煩請致電我們的分銷商太古可口可樂 26367000。 
A: Please contact our distributor Swire Coca-Cola 26367000.


Q: Where can I buy UHT Skimmed Milk 250 mL distributed at hospital?

答:保鮮裝脫脂奶250毫升只供應醫院。閣下可到各大超級市場及便利店選購新鮮的雀巢®牛奶公司™ 脫脂高鈣牛奶飲品236毫升。 
A: UHT Skimmed Milk 250 mL is only distributed to hospital. You can buy fresh NESTLÉ® DAIRY FARM® Skimmed Hi-Calcium Milk Drink 236 mL available at convenience stores and supermarkets.

Q: Where can I buy Nestlé bottle water in HK?

答:雀巢香港有限公司的業務並不包括飲用水。 如欲訂購,請致電分銷商28596318 。 
A: Water business in HK is not under Nestlé Hong Kong Ltd.’s operation. For ordering, please call 28596318.

Q: How can I contact Nespresso Customer Services?

A:  Nespresso toll free line 800968821.

Q: Is Nestlé HK product available in China?

答:在國內買雀巢香港有限公司的產品可瀏覽 。
A:To locate Nestlé Hong Kong Ltd. products in China, please visit


Q: How can I contact Nestlé China offices?

答:煩請瀏覽 .
A: Please visit

Q: Where can I buy NESTLÉ ® NAN® PRO Milk Powder in HK?

A: NESTLÉ ® NAN® PRO Milk Powder can be bought in local drugstores, supermarkets and chained drugstores.

Q: Do you have ice cream for catering use?

答:我們提供多款雪糕給餐飲業客戶。煩請致電雀巢消費服務 21798888或SMS 63878199。
A: We have a wide selection of ice cream products for catering customers. Please contact Nestlé Consumer Services 21798888 or SMS 63878199.