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Where To Find Our Products



To find answers to some of your most frequently asked questions on products, click on the links below.

Q: Where can I find NESTLɮproducts in HK?
A: Generally, NESTLÉ®products are sold in local convenient stores, supermarkets, drugstores and chained drugstores. If you need more information, please visit

Q: Where can I find specialty formula for infant and children?
A: NESTLÉ® NAN® AL 110® Lactose-free Infant Formula can be found in Mannings and Watson’s pharmacies or ordered via Nestlé Nutrition Services. NESTLÉ® ALFARÉ®Hypoallergenic Infant Formula can be ordered via our distributor Kerry Logistics 22113789.

Q: Where can I find formula for special diet need?
A: Please visit For ordering, please call Kerry Logistics 22113789. 

Q: Can you explain nutrition information on packaging?
A: Please visit

Q: I live in HK, can I order oversea NESTLɮproducts from NESTLɮHong Kong Ltd. ?
A: Unfortunately, many oversea NESTLÉ®products are not available for sale in HK. Consumer tastes can vary greatly from country to country and hence the Nestlé product range will also vary.

Q: How can I order NESCAFÉ® Can Coffee?
A: Please contact our distributor Swire Coca-Cola 26367000.

Q: Where can I buy UHT Skimmed Milk 250 mL distributed at hospital?
A: UHT Skimmed Milk 250 mL is only distributed to hospital. You can buy fresh NESTLÉ® DAIRY FARM® Skimmed Hi-Calcium Milk Drink 236 mL available at convenience stores and supermarkets.

Q: Where can I buy Nestlé bottle water in HK?
A: Water business in HK is not under Nestlé Hong Kong Ltd.’s operation. For ordering, please call 28596318.

Q: How can I contact Nespresso Customer Services?
A: Nespresso toll free line 800968821.

Q: Is Nestlé HK product available in China?
A:To locate Nestlé Hong Kong Ltd. products in China, please visit

Q: How can I contact Nestlé China offices?
A: Please visit

Q: Where can I buy NESTLÉ ® NAN® PRO Milk Powder in HK?
A: NESTLÉ ® NAN® PRO Milk Powder can be bought in local drugstores, supermarkets and chained drugstores.

Q: Do you have ice cream for catering use?
A: We have a wide selection of ice cream products for catering customers. Please contact Nestlé Consumer Services 21798888 or SMS 63878199.