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百福®豆腐PAK FOOK® Beancurd


More about PAK FOOK® Soyabean Products

What are PAK FOOK® Soyabean products made from? 

所有百福®豆品都是 100%加拿大一級非基因改造大豆製造,保證一次萃取,健康之餘, 豆味更份外濃郁!另外,產品亦不添加防腐劑,保持原有豆香滋味,更可安心飲用。
All PAK FOOK® Beancurds, Soya Milk and Beancurd Desserts are 100% made from the 1st Extract of Grade No.1 Canadian Non-GMO soyabeans. All offer with great tastes coupled with nutritious goodness. Products have no added preservatives, which keep the original soyabean taste and give you a peace of mind to consume.

What does "1st Extract" mean? 

Soyabeans only go through ONE TIME of extraction without repeated usage. This is to retain the high quality soya protein with a richer soyabean taste.
What is the advantage for high quality soya protein?

It helps body tissue growth and self-recovery.

Enjoy the product with a balanced diet and appropriate exercise


百福® 濃豆板豆腐
PAK FOOK® Rich Bean Board Beancurd

  • 250克

  • 豆味濃郁,更綿厚結實!  
    Rich bean taste with compact texture

  • 建議煮法:  適合多種煮法,煎、炒、燜,煲湯都可以,如:海皇燜煮板豆腐!  
    Suitable for multiple usage: pan-fried, fried, stew and cook with soup.
    For example: braised board beancurd with assorted seafood


PAK FOOK® Beancurd for Steaming

  • 350 毫升
    350 mL

  • 豆味香濃,入口特別嫩滑 
    Rich soya taste with soft and silky mouth feel 

  • 建議煮法:豆腐蒸肉餅、蝦仁豆腐蒸水蛋 
    Suggested Usage: Steamed pork mince with Beancurd, Steamed eggs with beancurd and shrimp 


百福®蒸煮滑豆腐 · 方便孖裝
PAK FOOK® Beancurd for Steaming – Twin Pack

  • 2 X 228 毫升
    2 X 228 mL

  • 一餐一盒,照顧小家庭每餐低份量的需要 
    One pack per meal to suit the needs of a small family with just the right quantity 

  • 建議煮法:配搭麵類如烏冬、拉麵 
    Suggested Usage: Match with noodles such as udon, ramen 


PAK FOOK® Beancurd for Frying

  • 350 毫升
    350 mL

  • 專為煎炸烹調方法而設,無論猛火或慢火,一樣能達到外脆內軟的一流口感 
    Specific for frying, it has a layered mouth feel with crispy beancurd skin and soft heart no matter how you fry it 

  • 建議煮法:椒鹽豆腐粒、琵琶豆腐、豆腐煎藕餅  
    Suggested Usage: Fried with salt and pepper, fried with the mixture of chopped fish & vegetables, fried lotus root cake with beancurd for frying


PAK FOOK® Hard Beancurd

  • 340 克
    340 g

  • 豆味特濃,質感結實,媲美街市豆腐 
    Extraordinarily rich soya taste with firm texture which is comparable to wet market beancurd 

  • 建議煮法:紅燒豆腐、火鍋、煲湯 
    Suggested Usage: Braise, hotpot, cook with soup 

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