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NESTLÉ® NAN® INFINIPRO® 2 Follow Up Formula Powder


NESTLÉ® NAN® INFINIPRO®2 Follow Up Formula Powder
Specially formulated for older babies from 6 to 12 months

NESTLÉ® NAN® INFINIPRO®2 Follow Up Formula Powder is developed based on the latest research on metabolism, digestion and immunity. Being inspired by mothers’ natural lactating secretion, apart from the unique good milk protein, it also contains a combination of active good milk ingredient blend with 5 HMOs and B.Lactis probiotic, and pHF-W which builds a strong foundation for babies’ growth in the future.

Nutrition Information
^2’FL, LNT, 6’SL, 3’SL and DFL (They are types of HMO, not sourced from breastmilk)


Switching Formula
Plant-based Packaging Design

NESTLÉ® NAN® INFINIPRO®2 Follow Up Formula Powder’s packaging helps support environmental sustainability. The tin can body and inner foil cover are widely and infinitely recyclable, and we also use TUV Austria-certified##renewable plant-based plastic lid and scoop. Together, let’s protect the environment.


##TUV Austria is a third-party certification body that evaluates and confirms our plant-based plastic packaging according to various international standards and it provides certification related to the bio-based content of our lids and spoons.

We believe that breastfeeding is the ideal nutritional start for babies and we fully support the World Health Organizations recommendation of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life along with the introduction of adequate nutritious complementary foods and continue breastfeeding up to two years of age.
We also recognize that breastfeeding is not always an option for parents, we recommend that you speak to your healthcare professional about how to feed your baby and seek advice on when to introduce complementary feeding.
If you choose not to breastfeed, please remember that such a decision can be difficult to reverse and has social and financial implications. Introducing partial bottle-feeding will reduce the supply of breastmilk.