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Maternal Supplement

NESTLÉ® MOM Vitamins & Minerals with DHA# adapted unique Trio-Pro technology and meets the nutrition need when it matters most in an easy to swallow one-a-day capsule. It is manufactured in Italy and provides adequate folic acid before and during pregnancy. It also supports increased nutritional needs during pregnancy and lactation. 

NESTLÉ® MOM Vitamins & Minerals with DHA#

One-a-Day easy to swallow capsule with multi vitamin and minerals and DHA – helping mothers to meet their nutrition need

√ Folic acid
  • Crucial for babies’ healthy neural tube development
  • Helps prevent anaemia during pregnancy
  • The recommended daily intake for pre-pregnant women is 400 mcg while during pregnancy, folic acid intake should be 600mcg 1. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends daily folic acid supplementation when planning for pregnancy to prevent neural tube defect, as well as part of the antenatal care 2. NESTLÉ® MOM supplement contains adequate folic acid to meet the increased needs. 
√ Iron
  • During pregnancy, more iron is needed primarily to supply the growing fetus and placenta and to increase the maternal red cell mass3. Low intakes of iron also increase infant’s risk of low birthweight, premature birth, low iron stores, and impaired cognitive and behavioral development4.
  • Recommended daily iron intake for mums before pregnancy is 18 mg, and it will increase up to 27 mg per day during pregnancy4. It is difficult to cater the additional iron needed during pregnancy and breastfeeding by simply following regular diet. Hence, World Health Organization (WHO) recommends daily iron supplementation as part of antenatal care to meet the increased needs2
NESTLÉ® MOM Vitamins & Minerals with DHA contains iron with patented technology, to achieve a more efficient absorption at the same time with reduced gastrointestinal discomfort5. Thus, fulfilling the daily nutrition requirements. Meanwhile, the unique Trio-Pro technology could also help reduce the chances of GI discomfort ( including bloating, abdominal pain and constipation etc.) commonly seen by the intake of iron supplements with iron6,7
√ Zinc
  • Support healthy development of mothers’ and babies’ immunity8
√ Iodine
  • Support healthy brain and nervous system development of babies
√ Multi vitamins and minerals blend
  • Vitamin A : Helps maintain normal growth and immune function
  • Vitamin Bs : Factor in energy metabolism with these vitamin Bs for your growing baby. Different vitamin Bs can help in different roles include aiding in development of nervous system and reduce the risk of neural tube defects etc.  
  • Vitamin C : Helps with iron absorption and develop a strong foundation for babies’ immune system
  • Vitamin D : Helps with strong bones development for babies
NESTLÉ® MOM Vitamins & Minerals with DHA# provides immune nutrition blend with vitamins A, Bs, C, D, zinc and iron, etc. and accommodate with a balanced diet and moderate exercise helps support increased nutrition need and pregnant mums’ immune health.
  • 1 capsule contains key nutrients such as folic acid, DHA#, iron, iodine and multi vitamins blend (A, Bs, C, D) to support the increased nutritional needs of mothers and babies and help them build a strong foundation for immunity.
雀巢®NESTLÉ® MOM鎖養膠囊每粒所含分量參考圖

(This infographic is only available in Chinese.)

Sufficient amount of DHA#

Support the heathy development of babies’ brains
  • Docosahexaenoic acid(DHA), is the main constituent of brain cortex and retina. It supports the development of the brain and visual development of babies and lowers the risk of preterm birth.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests pregnant mothers and breast-feeding mothers taking 200 mg of DHA per day#.
  • 1 capsule of NESTLÉ® MOM Vitamins & Minerals with DHA contains sufficient amount of DHA#, satisfying 100% of recommended daily nutrition intake.
Omega 3 intakeduring pregnancy may help reduce the risk of babies suffering from allergies such as wheeze or asthma 9,10
  • Clinical studies have found that taking fish oil during pregnancy can help reduce the risk of allergies of babies in the future, such as wheeze or asthma 9,10, etc.
  • The DHA in NESTLÉ® MOM supplement is produced under the US FDA HACCP certification and EU requirement.  It is derived from fish sources compliant with IUU regulations on illegal fishing and its purity (microbiology, contaminants,  peroxides) is regularly checked on every batch of fish oil to ensure its quality and safety for consumption. It also complies with Hong Kong laws and regulations. Mothers can consume it with peace of mind.

The unique Trio-Pro Technology ― Helps to absorb key nutrients efficiently and support a healthy immune system

NESTLÉ® MOM Vitamins & Minerals with DHA# adopted the unique Trio-Pro Technology to prevent the capsule being destroyed by gastric acid in the stomach and enable more efficient absorption in small intestine.
  • Keeps the iron in the stomach intact which will dissolve in the small intestine and facilitate efficient absorption.
  • Reduces chance of stomach discomfort, constipation6, and fishy burp caused by maternal nutritional supplement.
  • Supports efficient absorption of nutrients that support the health of mothers and babies.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How should I consume NESTLÉ® MOM Vitamins & Minerals with DHA?
A: 1 capsule per day. Recommend to take it with water in the morning. Mothers should follow healthcare professionals’ instructions in taking the supplement and should not consume with other supplements unless it is suggested by healthcare professionals. (This supplement cannot replace a balanced diet)

Q: How to store NESTLÉ® MOM Vitamins & Minerals with DHA properly?
A: Please store NESTLÉ® MOM Vitamins & Minerals with DHA in a cool and dry place with the storage temperature at or below 25°C.

For information about the trial program of NESTLÉ® MOM Vitamins & Minerals with DHA (20 capsules), please visit!

For more information about pregnancy or childcare, please contact Nestlé Nutrition on 2179 8333 (Hong Kong) and talk to our nutritionist!
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*Source: Ipsos HCP Claim Study, 2020 (Hong Kong) during Jun – Jul 2020, interviewing 134 healthcare professionals (doctor or nurses) with specialty in obstetrics. 
+ The above graphic represents the equivalent portion of food needed to absorb the specific nutrients of concerned (as per stated on each block of the graphic) provided by each NESTLÉ® MOM Capsules. Some additional vitamins and minerals in NESTLÉ® MOM Capsules are not listed in the graphic above. Other nutrients composition of the food being compared to NESTLÉ® MOM Capsules are not included in this comparison. 1 cup = 250 mL. The above graphic are for illustration only. The bioavailability of nutrients contained in the food listed in the graphic is not directly compared with NESTLÉ® MOM Capsules. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 28.
# Each capsule contains 200 mg of DHA, which is in line with the daily intake for pregnant and breast-feeding mothers recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nation.