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Latest news of Nestlé Hong Kong

(Only Chinese version is available for all press release published prior to 2021.)
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NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK® Classic “Instant Lucky Draw” is BACK! “Crunchy” Giveaway with Over 100,000 Prizes Repechage Event Brings Greater Prizes Collect the instant Lucky Draw Cards and Win the Ultimate Prize! Nov 14, 2023
PAK FOOK® Beancurd Inherits Exquisite Craftsmanship Carefully Researched and Manufactured Beancurd with Excellent Taste, Consistency and Smoothness Adding Vitamin B3 as an innovative formula for enhanced nutrition Aug 01, 2023
NESTLÉ®DRUMSTICK® New Classic “Cha Chaan Teng” Special Drink Flavour: Coconut Flavour and Red Bean Flavour Ice Cream Enjoy A “Crunchy” Cone which blows your mind by the “Crunchiest” Taste from HK Local Cafes Jul 04, 2023
Hong Chi Association and Nestlé Hong Kong Co-Hosted Plastic-Waste-Reduction-Themed Carnival with Fun Experience Positive Outcomes Were Achieved by the 3-Year Cross-Sector Type 5 PP Plastic Recycling Campaign Jun 05, 2023
【Summer essential cooling treat】 Summer-limited FRUTIPS® Lychee Flavour Ice Bar launch for refreshing hot summer Relish the comeback of FRUTIPS® Blackcurrant Flavour Ice Bar for the “Chill Juicy Moment” May 30, 2023
Unleash Your Cravings with NESTLÉ® MEGA™ Hazelnut Flavour Chocolate Ice Cream Bar Savour Your MEGA Pleasure Moment With The Hazelnut Chocolate Delight May 10, 2023
The New NESTLÉ® Mochi Matcha brings you into a Japanese Zen garden Leisurely enjoy the perfect multiple layers of mochi wrapped matcha flavour frozen confection and red bean filling Mar 17, 2023
Nestlé launches NESCAFÉ® Plan 2030 to help drive regenerative agriculture, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve farmers’ livelihoods Oct 13, 2022
PAK FOOK® Launched the Soya Milk Ice Cream Cup 2.0 Brown Sugar Soya Milk Ice Cream Cup Encounters the Treasure of Okinawa Let the rich taste of soya milk and brown sugar inherit in a novel form Aug 15, 2022