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One Reporting System in Nestlé Greater China Region

Nestlé’s reputation lies on its commitment to integrity, honesty, fair dealing and compliance with all applicable laws. Compliance has always been and will remain the foundation of how we do business. In an effort to help employees and/or external stakeholders share Nestlé’s commitment to foster a strong and non-compromising compliance culture, Nestlé GCR combines IRS and Tell-Us into One Reporting System that continues to be operated by an independent third party. It facilitates communication between employees/external stakeholders and the Company on a confidential basis, and enables employees/external stakeholders to report potential legal, regulatory or ethical misconducts in a comfortable and protected environment.

Employees/external stakeholders can use the following ways to report alleged misconducts:

1. Use of One Reporting System Hotline:
The One Reporting System Hotline is available at any time (24/7) and is free of charge.
Free telephone number: 800963161 (Hong Kong)

2. Use of One Reporting System Website: (Hong Kong)

Once you have entered the One Reporting System Hotline or Website, you will have to provide the below access codes:
14764 (Hong Kong)

After you have provided the access code, you will receive your individual case number. The case number is your personal key to the One Reporting System. It allows you to track the progress of the case and to leave additional information. The next time you access the system, you will be asked for this number. Therefore, please write it down and keep it in a secured place.

Once you have received your personal case number, you may report your concern. In the very beginning of the journey, please select misconduct category as per your allegation. If you use the phone, please be aware that you will not speak to an operator. Instead, you will leave a voice message which will be recorded. Should you use the Website, you can attach document.

Your report or, in case you use the Hotline, the transcript of your voice message will be forwarded to the Compliance Officer in Nestlé GCR. The Company takes your concern very seriously and will take appropriate action. Within approximately one week, a first response and possibly follow-up questions will be waiting for you. Simply go to the One Reporting System Hotline or Website, log in with your case number and review the response.

In the meantime, we would depict the following steps taken by the company to manage concerns and complaints, so that all employees/external stakeholders can know how this system works.

1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Upon receiving the message, the company (Legal & Compliance Dept.) will reply to you by acknowledging the receipt of your report within five working days in general. If the information provided by your first report is not sufficiently evidenced, the company may contact you and ask for more evidence.

2. INDEPENDENT OWNER REVIEW: According to the subjects of your report, the company will assign responsibility for the investigation if warranted based on the type and severity of the allegation for a joint investigation. The investigation will be led or handled by Legal & Compliance Dept.

3. INVESTIGATE WITH DUE DISCRETION: The company will conduct an investigation in a consistent and confidential manner – on a need to know basis. When necessary, the Compliance Officer may initiate various processes including confidential interviews with relevant employees, contractors or anybody else relevant including the alleged person.

4. CLOSE THE CASE AND REPLY TO YOU: As soon as sufficient information has been collected, a decision and the follow up steps will be agreed by the Company and you will receive a reply from the Company.

Please be aware that the below principles shall be applied when you use the One Reporting System:

Open and anonymous reporting
Under regular circumstances, open reports are recommended, we encourage you to leave your name and contact details. However, you may choose to remain anonymous, but anonymous report may not help our follow-up actions, in particular investigations.

Non-retaliation commitment
Retaliation of any type against a Complainant will not be tolerated by the Company. Anyone who attempts to retaliate against the one for reporting in good faith may face disciplinary action, including the possibility of dismissal.

Good faith complaints only
Reporting of non-compliance in good faith is important and honorable. By contrast, filling a report against a co-employee in bad faith is unacceptable. Employees who intentionally make false allegations against others may face disciplinary action, including the possibility of dismissal.

Non-compliance reports will be dealt with confidentially. The fact that a report has been filed, the particulars of the report as well as the identity of the incriminated employee will be shared only with those who need to know for purposes of handling the complaint. In case the complainant chooses to make an anonymous report, the Company will not try to find out his identity.

Rights of the Accused
The employee incriminated in the non-compliance report will be deemed innocent unless and until the investigation proves otherwise. If an investigation has been initiated, the accused employee has a right to be informed of the compliant and its nature. The notification can, however, be suspended if and as long as otherwise there is a serious risk of destruction of evidence of impediment to the investigation.