Brand Story

亨利 雀巢先生“My invention is not a new discovery but a correct and rational application of substances long known to be the best for the feeding of children.” – Henri Nestlé


Brand Story

The origin of the Nestlé group can be traced back to Switzerland in 1866.

In 1867, Swiss chemist Henry Nestlé took the lead in inventing the world's first baby food-milk cereal. One day, a doctor friend of him brought a baby who was born one month prematurely. Couldn't eat anything, the baby was extremely weak and was abandoned because of this. Henry Nestlé took the child and fed him with the infant cereal he developed and the little boy survived. The good news spread quickly in the local area and was known to mothers, midwives and doctors. Later, Nestlé’s "miracle product" spread to all over the world and became extremely popular and established as a high-quality food which helped children grow up healthily and lead better lives.




The first infant cereal invented by the Nestlé company

The first baby food – milk cereal invented by Nestlé

Henri Nestlé was a German and “Nestlé” means “little bird’s nest” in German. Until now, all Nestlé products are still using this name as the company logo.