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Newly added formula "Vitality" NESTLÉ® MILO®


NESTLÉ® MILO® is a nutritious drink made from malt and chocolate. In addition to the unique chocolate malt flavour, the brand-new formula "Vitality" is added to make your child full of vitality every day and ready to achieve better performance. NESTLÉ® MILO® 3 IN 1 ACTIV-GO® make you easier to replenish vitality! Get it now for your home and enjoy the yummy taste!

Balanced nutrients Have an energetic start every day

NESTLÉ® MILO® Nutritious Malt Drink


Breakfast is very important for every day. A breakfast with balanced nutrients can enhance your concentration and keep you energetic.

NESTLÉ® MILO® Nutritious Malt Drink is a delicious and nutritious chocolate malt drink because

  • It contains malt extract and milk, helping children to unleash their potential and bloom vitality.
  • It offers the variety vitamins and minerals needed to meet the demand of the growth of children.
  • It has the chocolate malt flavour that every child loves.