NESCAFɮReady-to-drink Coffee Beverage

Enjoy NESCAFÉ® Ready-to-drink Coffee Beverage anywhere anytime.


NESCAFɮCAN Coffee Beverage


NESCAFÉ Regular 香滑咖啡  

Our new packaging NESCAFÉ® CAN Coffee Beverage comes in four classic flavors, namely Regular, Rich, Crème White and Full Roast to provide a refreshing coffee taste and help you stay awake!
Enjoy the delicious balance of aromatic coffee with milk and sugar in every sip of NESCAFÉ® Coffee Beverage anytime, anywhere.



NESCAFÉ Smoovlatté 咖啡

NESCAFÉ® SMOOVLATTÉ® Coffee Beverage tastes smooth and rich because it is made by grinding and brewing methods. Its special silkiness is created from the perfect combination with creamy milk. Enjoy the silky smooth experience. The NESCAFÉ® SMOOVLATTÉ® range has three different flavors, namely Original, Mocha and Hazelnut for your own choice.


NESCAFÉ® COLD BREW Coffee Beverage


COLD BREW Coffee Beverage 

NESCAFÉ® COLD BREW Coffee Beverage, brewed with lower temperature and longer time, brings out the essence in coffee for a mellow, sweet, fine and smooth after-taste. Available in two flavors: Marble Latte & Choco Latte.




NESCAFÉ® WORLD COFFEE beverage, with world’s best selected Single Origin Coffee beans, presenting you Brazil selected coffee and Sumatra selected coffee. This World Coffee range allows you to experience the uniqueness of flavor notes from different single origin. Enjoy the authentic coffee experience anywhere, anytime.