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2018 - Reducing Waste and Saving Energy

Nestlé Hong Kong consistently promotes energy-saving management, focusing on energy-saving management of lighting, air-conditioning and mechanical equipment, resulting in a decreasing trend of the power consumption in the factory on a yearly basis.


Reducing Energy Consumption

Nestlé Hong Kong has implemented a power saving and reduction plan in our Yuen Long factory, including reception area, office, and staff canteen. We also arranged to turn off the lights and air-conditioning equipment in the above locations during non-essential hours, and replaced factories and offices lighting system with LED lighting systems to reduce power consumption. We have successfully reduced energy consumption in the above locations by 12% since the launch of the measures.


Save More, Create Less Waste, Reuse and Recycle Resources

This year, Nestlé Hong Kong also participated in the Food Waste Recycling Scheme organized by the Organic Resources Recovery Centre, which was established by the Hong Kong Government, to recycle the food waste generated during the production in the factory and convert it into renewable energy. The processed food waste can be converted into compost for landscaping or agricultural purposes. The scheme was implemented in August 2018 which was expected to reduce landfills by about 10 tons per day.