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2017 - Reshaping the Spirit of Hong Kong with Our Ice Cream Products

Nestlé Hong Kong is committed in creating positive impact in the community. For this time, we wish to support to build the past story and restore the spirit of Hong Kong through a small action.

Huang Guang - Uncle Ice Cream, sold ice cream in Lung Chu Street, Shek Kip Mei for over 60 years and served the students and the neighborhood nearby for more than half a century which has also created a heart-warming story of this city.

However, Uncle Ice Cream passed away in May 2017. To express our gratitude to him, we cooperated with Maryknoll Fathers’ School, which is located next to Lung Chu Street, to refurbish the ice cream van and share any ice-cream related happy moments with students at the 60th anniversary of Maryknoll Fathers’ School Church.

What makes ice cream delicious is possibly the touch of humanity alongside.