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NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK® Limited Exquisite Winter Cabin Brand-new Package Design Build a Romantic and Homey Atmosphere “Crunchy” Fun with You Light Up the Festival with Shines and Shadow

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NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK® Limited Exquisite Winter Cabin
Brand-new Package Design
Build a Romantic and Homey Atmospherebr
“Crunchy” Fun with You     Light Up the Festival with Shines and Shadow

新聞稿_雀巢 DRUMSTICK 限定精緻冬日小屋 滋味樂「脆」 點亮冬日佳節 投射璀璨光影.png

[30 November, 2023 – Hong Kong] It’s Jingle Bells time! This Winter, NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK® continues the series of “Crunchy Flavor without Boundaries”, bringing an unexpected surprise for all of you! Limited festive package – Winter Cabin is coming to town! Do a DIY to transform the paper packaging box of multipack to a fascinating Christmas ornament at home, granting the packaging box a second life, which is favorable for sustainable development. Different flavors and different designs. By adding lights in between, create a more dazzling and exclusive Christmas village with your loved ones. Let’s share the DRUMSTICKS together and project the most romantic shines and shadow!

Limited Festive Package Do a DIY and Shine your Winter Festival
NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK® cones have multiple layers with perfect taste. You will instantly fall in love with the crispy cone and the rich chocolate nugget tip. To celebrate the upcoming festival, NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK® has created limited festive packages for the four classic flavors multipack including chocolate, vanilla flavor, ube flavor and mango, which are dominated by the scene of joyful Christmas snow play and outstanding flavors and colors. Just follow the instruction and gently tear the dotted line to make a chimney cabin. The openwork design allows lights transmitting in between. Place some string lights or put your mobile phone flash at the bottom of the box, it can project the starry dots, lighting up your home. You can also place few winter cabins together to build your unique and romantic Christmas village!

全新節日限定包裝 動手製作和點亮你的冬日佳節.png
DRUMSTICK®甜筒聖誕小火車1.png DRUMSTICK®甜筒聖誕小火車2.png

Hidden Surprise on the Package Box Collect all 4 and Own your exclusive Christmas DRUMSTICK® Train
NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK®cones bring you another “crunchy” fun! There is a tiny surprise hidden on the top of the limited-edition box that 4 Christmas train card patterns are on it! Just tear them off, fold them along the dotted lines and finally stick them on. Connect the four train cards with ropes to create a delightful train! You can build your Christmas town by putting the train and the winter cabin together. It’s a simple and relaxing DIY that can play with your family in this warm festival. Let’s share this classic good taste and “crunchy” fun of the limited winter cabin. Enjoy the heartwarming moment presented by NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK®. Light up your winter festival.

Build the LONGEST DRUMSTICK® Train Win a NESPRESSO®Coffee Machine
More surprise for Christmas for sure! From now to December 21, you can collect the NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK® multipack for building the longest train. Join the game at official Instagram of NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK®! You will have the chance of winning a NESPRESSO® VERTUO POP Ocean Blue Coffee Machine*. Bring your Christmas gift home!
*Subject to Terms and Conditions. For more details, please refer to DRUMSTICK® Instagram.

NESTLÉ ® DRUMSTICK® Limited Festive MultipackPrice: $39.9/Box (4pcs/box)
雀巢 DRUMSTICK - 朱古力.jpeg


雀巢 DRUMSTICK - 呍呢拿味.jpeg

Vanila Flavor

雀巢 DRUMSTICK - 香芋味 .jpeg

Ube Flavor

雀巢 DRUMSTICK - 芒果 .jpeg


Launch Date : December 1, 2023

Point of Sales : Supermarkets

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NESTLÉ® Ice Cream is dedicated to excite our consumers with a variety of new and delicious ice cream products. NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK® Cone offers various flavors, with crispy cone filled with smooth ice-cream and the tip filled with chocolate sauce. Crunchy Flavor without Boundaries!

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