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Joint Forces for a Stronger Network for Recycling

Hong Chi Association and Nestlé Hong Kong Collaborated to Expand Their “Type 5 PP Plastic Recycling Campaign”

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(Hong Kong, 28 October 2021) In order to promote clean recycling of Type 5 Polypropylene (“PP”) plastic, Hong Chi Association and Nestlé Hong Kong have joint forces to implement a “Type 5 PP Plastic Recycling Pilot Campaign” in the community since 2020. Not only did the pilot campaign receive encouraging recycling results, but it also upcycled the collected Type 5 PP plastic to turn waste into resources! In view of the wide support received for the pilot campaign, Hong Chi Association and Nestlé Hong Kong expanded the recycling network to Kowloon and Hong Kong Island districts, and will organize more public education activities, in order to strengthen the recycling power for a new page in plastic recycling in the community.

Gained fruitful results in the first year, the campaign offered the plastic a second life by upcycling

The “Type 5 PP Plastic Recycling Pilot Campaign”, which is the first recycling campaign in the community focusing only on Type 5 PP plastic, has been launched in Yuen Long since August 2020 with over 30 recycling points to facilitate citizens to recycle different Type 5 PP plastic used in their daily life, such as various food packaging and containers. Meanwhile, the pilot campaign organized recycling days in residences to uplift the residents’ environmental awareness.

As of 30 June 2021, the pilot campaign recycled around 900KG of Type 5 PP plastic, whose weight is equivalent to over 22,500 takeaway meal boxes. This is an encouraging result that doubled the expected level! In the Inter-Residence Recycling Competition under the pilot campaign, Central Park Towers, La Grove and Villa Premiere were ranked the top three.

In addition to recycling, the pilot campaign also explored different possibilities of upcycling the collected plastic into other household items. Eventually, those collected plastic was upcycled into 3,500 pieces of eco-friendly hangers, by which the waste was converted into resources and a circular life cycle for the plastic was enabled. eco-friendly hangers were also leveraged to motivate more general public to join the recycling.

The campaign is expanding to Kowloon and Hong Kong Island for a stronger power

Today, Hong Chi Association and Nestlé Hong Kong jointly announced that they are collaborating on the “Type 5 PP Plastic Recycling Campaign” two years in a row, and they have received enthusiastic support from various property management partners, such as Kai Shing Management Services Limited and Nan Fung Property Management, to extend the recycling network to Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. A total of over 50 recycling points will be in service this year, motivating and facilitating more citizens to recycle Type 5 PP to reduce waste for our community.

Apart from setting up more recycling points, the campaign will also actively promote environmental protection, such as enhancing general public’s environmental awareness and inspire their green living through online workshops and activities. Citizens can stay tuned for the activity announcement by Hong Chi Association and participate actively!

Ms. May Chung, General Manager, Nestlé Hong Kong Limited, said, “Nestlé Hong Kong is committed to supporting sustainability, and we launch different initiatives in response to social needs to create shared value for our society. For sustainability, our vision is that none of our packaging, including plastics, ends up in landfills or as litter. We are delighted to see the first-year campaign yielded outstanding results and it also won us the Bronze Award in the SDG Achievement Awards Hong Kong organized by Green Council. We are looking forward to continuing contributing to a sustainable community with the Type 5 PP Plastic Recycling Campaign and inspiring people towards a green future.”

Mr. Edwin Lam, General Secretary, Hong Chi Association said, “Hong Chi Association has long been active in driving environmental protection in the community. We are honoured to partner with Nestlé Hong Kong to implement the Type 5 PP Plastic Recycling Campaign, and to contribute together to a green community. Meanwhile, this campaign offered more training and job opportunities in recycling for our Hong Chi trainees, and the general public could have more understanding for their abilities via those public education activities, further promoting social inclusion.”